High performance microlight


The Corsair relies on latest lightweight construction technology to combine flight performance, agility and energy efficiency. The whole primary structure is made of aerospace grade carbon fiber. Our unique carbon fiber spaceframe technology is applied on the fuselage to achieve the greatest possible strength at the lowest possible weight.

With a high performance aircraft like the Corsair safety is of high importance. We made no compromises here. The high strength Carbon structure has a proven strength of +9 and -6g. Furthermore the complete cockpit area is constructed as a Kevlar reinforced safety cell. The aircraft propulsion system is designed for high reliability and fire protection. Of course an aircraft rescue system with a ballistic parachute is available as well.


The Corsair follows the German LTF-L regulation. As well it covers many other national regulations, e.g the British SSDR, the Italian, French, Czech, Polish and even the US American FAR part 103 regulation. For the later the empty weight, MTOW and speeds are slightly reduced.



Technical data

Wing span
- with folded wings

24,6 ft
9,0 ft


20,7 ft

Wing area

108 sq ft

Empty weight without batteries

265 lbs (FAR part 3 254 lbs)


287 lbs ( FAR part 3 254 lbs)

Safe loading

+6g / -4g


Radial engine Verner Scarlett 3 VW


31 kW (42 BHP) at 2.500 RPM

Other engines from 22 kW are possible


FAR part 103 version

EU version

Stall speed

24 knots / 44 km/h

55 km/h

Cruise speed

54 knots / 100 km/h

160 km/h

Maximum speed

55 knots / 102 km/h

210 km/h

Best climb speed

1000 ft/min / 5 m/s

5 m/s

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