120 kg of high performance


The Corsair is a newly developed aircraft following the German LTF-L regulation. As well it covers many other national regulations, e.g the British SSDR, the Italian, French, Czech, Polish and even the US American FAR part 103 regulation. For the later the empty weight and MTOW are slightly reduced.


A maximum speed beyond 200km/h and a safe loading up to +6 and -4g are the result of its innovative lightweight structure.


The only drawback for the time being - it is still under development and not yet commercially available.


First kits will be available from mid 2017 and complete aircraft from July 2018.


State of the art technology and a classic design


The general layout - a low inverted gull wing - has been successfully used in several airvrafts already. The Chance-Vought Corsair surely being one of the more famous aircraft with this concept. The main advantages are a low interference drag between wing and fuselage as well as an ideal landing gear position which allows as well a nearly perfect angle for take off and landings.


State of the art CFRP-technology with aerospace grade material is used. The fuselage will be manufactured as a carbon fiber spaceframe with an aramide-carbon safety cell around the pilot. Wings and empennage are full CFRP.





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