Ready to fly or kit?

Are you dreaming about building your own 120 kg ultralight?

The Corsair is also available as a kit. You can start with partial kits and you have the choice of premanufactured components, depending on your technical possibilities, your background and the time you can afford. Anyway


  • all critical CFRP parts and joints have already been manufactured by the JH Aircraft experts and
  • fuselage and optionally other major components are delivered with all structural work completed and finally tempered. A FAR part 103 kit is available too.

Please find the exact scope of delivery on our pricelist.


Why don’t you spend a nice short holiday in the hanseatic city of Buxtehude: in a one week training we will help you getting started with your Corsair kit and will show you how to build a perfect Corsair from a kit.a



Rigging/Derigging and transport


Affordable hangar space is not everywhere available but with the transport- and mounting system especially developed by JH Aircraft rigging and derigging is not that complicated.

For your trip to the airport we can offer a trailer especially developed for the Corsair and already equipped with the necessary rigging/derigging devices.

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