Corsair e-motion


Now available with a powerful electric propulsion, enabling emission-free and quiet flying without compromising its well-known performance.


With the electric propulsion the Corsair e-motion is nearly maintenance-free - thus uncomplicated and leaves more time for the pure pleasure of flying. Especially with open canopy in nice weather you can directly feel the freedom of flying.

Different types of batteries are available with up to 14 kWh, allowing up to 2 hours of flight time. They can be recharged in approx. 4.5 hours at a standard wall outlet or in approx. 1.5 hours using a quick charger.




Standard equipment Corsair e-motion

Kevlar reinforced safety cell  |  Ballistic aircraft rescue system  |  Hydraulic disc brakes with parking brake  |  Cantilevered landing gear with shock absorbers  |  Steerable tailwheel  |  Cabin heating  |  Winter primary instruments  |  EFIS incl. GPS  |  Fully automatic battery- and motor control  |  Blackbox  |  Autohold-function


The Corsair is approved in France as an Ultralight. This permit is directly accepted in many European countries in the corresponding microlight classes - including many deregulated classes. The Corsair fulfills the British SSDR regulation.
An adapted version is compliant to FAR part 103.

Technical Data


Wing span
- with folded wings

24,6 ft
  9,0 ft


20,7 ft

Wing area

108 sq ft

Empty weight without batteries

177 lbs


375 lbs

Safe loading

+6g / -4g


Electric motor HPD20


30 kW peak / 20 kW continuous


7, 10 or 14 kWh, max 136 lbs

Flight time

Up to 2 hours (14 kWh)

Take off roll distance

< 130 ft

Take off over 50 ft obstacle

< 400 ft


FAR part 103 version

EU version

Stall speed

24 knots / 44 km/h

55 km/h

Cruise speed

54 knots / 100 km/h

160 km/h

Maximum speed

55 knots / 102 km/h

210 km/h

Best climb speed

1200 ft/min / 6 m/s

5 m/s

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