When it came to the engine choice our main priority was reliability. Of course the available power was an issue as well - the Corsair should have minimum 30 hp.


Therefore we selected the Verner Scarlett 3 VW - a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder radial engine. The engine is purposefully designed as a light aircraft engine and produces 42 bhp at 2500 rpm. This power and a displacement of 1,6 liter already shows that this is a robust engine and not one of those highly tuned cart-, lawn mower- or scooter engines.


The high engine torque allows the use of a rather big and efficient propeller. We use a ground adjustable 1,60 m carbon prop which can produce - depending on the blade pitch - up to 100 kg of static thrust. More than enough for 120 kg empty weight!


And as a side effect the sound of this engine is just fantastic!

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