Unfortunately affordable hangar space is not everywhere available. Therefore the rigging, derigging and transport becomes vital.


We can offer a special trailer for the Corsair and will of course support our customers with plans and advices if they wish to build their own trailer.


For the transport the one piece wing can easily be separated from the fuselage. To do so a jack will be placed under the engine mount - we have even build an electrically (12V) operated jack. After opening the flaperon connections, releasing the pitot tube hose and the brake cables as well as pulling the four main bolts the fuselage can be removed. The wing with a span of 7,5 m is still smaller and of course much lighter than half a standard glider wing and can be stowed by two persons on the trailer. Of course one-man-rigging devices for glider wings can be used as well.


Since the fuel tank is in the fuselage no fuel lines need to be disconnected.


The main landing gears do not need to be removed for transport. They even help to rotate the wing to a vertical transport position.


The horizontal tail plane is fixed by two bolts and removal of those and removing the tail fairing and the control linkage is a matter of few minutes.




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